ActivaAir Sensor BP4030

This sensor is compatible with the BP4000 and BP5000. He will fill a container, such as the AktivaAir Trolly, with filled air cushion mats or cushions. If the air cushion film reaches the height of the sensor, the machine automatically shuts down and stops producing. So it can come to no overfilling of the collection container with air cushioning material.

activaAir Sensor for the BP4000 und BP5000

The activaAir sensor is a useful equipment of the activaAir air cushion machine. You simply connect it to the back of the BP4000 or BP 5000 in the labeled device. Then attach the sensor to a collection bin at a height until where filled air cushion material is to be produced. The best is the activaAir Wagen. Now start the activaAir air cushion machine and fill the collecting container with air cushion mats or bags. When the bubble wrap reaches the height of the sensor, the machine stops production on its own.