Air Cushion Mats BP8406

The 4-chamber air cushion mats protects your goods from damage when shipping. The shipping volume is increasing more and more and the protection by air cushion mats has become more important, because the handling of the packages is often not very cautious. Particularly fragile and electronic goods can be protected by the air cushion mats from vibration and damage. Another advantage of our air cushion mats is the fast, autonomous and easy processing with our air cushioning machine.

4 Tube Air Cushion Mats 400 mm x 320 mm x 450 m

The air cushion mats will be filled with air with an activaAir air cushion machine. They protect round and cylindrical goods by fixing and filling smaller cavities, between the product and the cardboard lid, and the side wall. Thus, the goods can not be damaged during transport.

The air cushion mats are more flexible than air cushion bags, they can be wrapped directly around round and more dynamic goods. In contrast, air cushion bags are more voluminous and static. For this reason, the air cushion bags are used rather for filling and padding larger cavities.

  1. Type of foil: air cushion mat
  2. Material: HDPE film
  3. Mat length: 320 mm
  4. Mat width: 400 mm
  5. Roll length: 450 m