Air Cushion Machine BP4000

The air cushion machine BP4000 is a perfect solution for midium-size companys as well as  large companies with a large shipping volume. With this machine can be produced both air cushion bags and air cushion mats at a speed up to 15 meters per minute. The air cushion machine weighs 6 kg in total and combines high functionality, flexibility and a clean processing result.

More protection for your goods

Thanks to our machine your goods can be better protected during the shipment. Nowadays it happens quite frequently that the dispatch of goods is handled with not enough caution. The damage of the goods can be prevented with air cushion bags and air cushion mats. Minimize annoying returns and customer complaints due to damaged goods. With the air cushion bagsand air cushion mats you can easily fill cavities.

Optimize your packaging and shipping process now!

Application video activaAir BP4000

See how the BP4000 works. No problem! We’ve created a short video that shows the easy way to use the BP4000. Convince yourself of this all-round air cushion machine.

Advantages of the BP4000

Optimize your packaging process with the activaAir air cushion machine. Work quieter, faster and more economically without compromising!

  • Cost-effective production of environmentally friendly and recyclable air cushion cushions / mats
  • Automatic stock detection by level sensor (optional)
  • Pre-perforated for easy separation
  • Positive company image thanks to professional packing result
  • Machine works extremely quiet and fast
  • Easy and very clear condition
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Modern design

Air Cushion Machine activaAir BP4000 Basic 

We would like to introduce our activaAir Light BP2000. This efficient air cushion machine combines modern and compact design with high functionality and flexibility. It is the result of an intensive development phase in which the use of the machine was rendered as easy as possible to the users. The results can be easily noticed, as not only the use of the machine has been kept as simple as possible, but also the processing of air cushion bags and air cushion mats on a machine has become uncomplicated.

Thanks to this production speed, the air cushion machine is suitable for midium size companies as well as larger companies. With its 6 kg total weight, this machine can be variably used and easily transported. You only need to carry the machine to the packing station and start the production of filled air cushion cushions or mats. You are saving a lot of time, material, labour and costs.

The BP4000 processes all air cushion mats and air cushion bags from our assortment. You work particularly economically with our air cushion bags with a roll length of 2000 meters.

  1. Bags production: Yes
  2. Mats production: Yes
  3. Processes rolls: 700 m / 2000 m (cushions) / 450 m (mats)
  4. Weight: 6 kg
  5. Connections for:
    1. activaAir Pedal
    2. activaAir Sensor
    3. activaAir Rewinder

When producing air cushion mats / bags, the following settings should be made:


  • AIR: 45%
  • TEMP: 210°C


  • AIR: 95%
  • TEMP: 210°C